Group History

December 2023

October 2023

August 2023

May 2023
Cody Daneluik (MS#12) leaves the group

Amelia Figueroa, Daniel Rios and Naomi Selejan join the group

Kenneth Lee (PhD#58) and Khoa Dang (PhD#59) and Mahsa Moshair leave the group

Rahul Kumar (PhD#56) and Alok Singh (PhD#57) leave the group
December 2022ChristiAnna Brantley (PhD#55), leaves the group
April 2022 Thai Son Cao (PhD#54) leaves the group
Doory Dan joins the group
January 2022 Mahsa Moshair joins the group
December 2021 Ashlyn Hale (PhD#53), leaves the group
October 2021Charlotte Bailey, Cody Daneluik and Sami Klingenberg join the group
July 2021Elly Daniels (PhD#52) leaves the group
Preet Mahalay (PhD#51) leaves the group
March 2021Brad Russell-Webster (PhD#50) leaves the group
April 2020Tuhin Ghosh leaves the group
Sayak Das Gupta (PhD#49) leaves the group
August 2019Alex Diodati joins the group.
 May 2019Daisuke Takahashi (PhD#48) leaves the group 
 January 2019
Megan Lott (undergraduate) joins the group 
 December 2018
Tuhin Ghosh (PhD#47), post-doc 
 May 2018 Taehoon Kim and Vibhuti Chandhok leave the group 
 December 2017
Jingwei Zhang (PhD#46) leaves the group 
 October 2017Cricket Brantley, Khoa Dang, Ethan Fisher, Rahul Kumar, Kenneth Lee, Alok Singh and Rinku Yadav join the group 
 October 2017Kylie Mitchell (PhD#45) leaves the group 
 March 2017Adebayo (Bayo) Olajuyigbe (PhD #44) leaves the group 
 August 2016Thai Son Cao and Vibhuti Chandhok join the group 
 May 2016 Annaliese Thuijs (PhD#41) leaves the group 
  Andrew Mowson (PhD#42) leaves the group 
  Adeline Fournet (PhD#43) leaves the group 
 December 2015Ashlyn Hale, Brad Russell-Webster, Taehoon Kim and Preet Mahalay join the group 
 January 2015Javier Lopez (undergraduate) joins the group 
 September 2014Elly Earlywine joins the group 
  Sayak Das Gupta joins the group 
  Tomasz Andraka (undergraduate) joins the group 
 August 2014Yan Huo (MS#11) leaves the group 
  Tu Nguyen (PhD #40) leaves the group 
  Linh Pham (PhD #39) leaves the group 
  Katye Poole (PhD#38) leaves the group 
 July 2013Chaoran Li (MS#10) leaves the group 
 December 2012Kylie Mitchell joins the group 
  Daisuke Takahashi joins the group 
  Tuhin Ghosh joins the group 
 September 2012 Tanmay Ghorai visiting faculty leaves the group 
 February 2012Jingwei Zhang joins the group 
 January 2012Adebayo Olajuyigbe joins the group 
  Andrea Marton (undergraduate) joins the group 
 December 2011Shreya Mukherjee receives her PhD (#37) and leaves the group 
 September 2011 Tanmay Ghorai visiting faculty joins the group 
 August 2011 Arpita Saha receives her PhD (#36) and leaves the group 
  Galia Maayan (post doc) leaves the group 
  Mike Thompson leaves the group 
 February 2011 Konstantinos Ethymiou leaves the group 
  Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou leaves the group 
 December 2010 Yan Huo joins the group 
  Adeline Fournet joins the group 
  Andrew Mowson joins the group 
  Antonio Masello receives PhD (#35) and leaves the group 
 September 2010 Namrata Singh (post doc #29) leaves the group 
 August 2010 Taketo Taguchi receives his PhD (#34) and leaves the group 
  Mike Thompson joins the group as a graduate student 
 September 2009Namrata Singh (post doc) joins the group 
  Tu Nguyen joins the group 
  Nicholas Paganella (undergraduate student) joins the group 
  Mike Thompson (undergraduate student) joins the group 
 August 2009Xun-Gao leaves the group 
  Galia Maayan joins the group (post doc #28) 
  Annaliese Thuijs (undergraduate student) joins the group 
 July 2009High School student Rakhika Patel joins the group for the summer 
  Undergraduate student Garrett Speed joins the group for the summer 
  Undergraduate student Matt Daniels leaves the group 
 June 2009 Christos Lampropoulos gets his Ph.D. (#33) leaves the group 
  Jennifer Yacoubian (MS#9) leaves the group 
 December 2008Charis Stamatatos leaves the group 
  Konstantina Pringouri (MS#8) leaves the group 
  Tian-Fu Liu leaves the group 
  Emir Yasun joins the group 
  Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou joins the group (post doc #27) 
  Konstantinos Ethymiou joins the group 
 September 2008Chaoran Li joins the group 
  Katye Poole joins the group 
  Xun-Gao joins the group 
 August 2008Rashmi Bagai gets her Ph.D. (#32) 
  February 2008Tian Fu Liu joins the group. 
  August 2007Jennifer Lillian Hubbs(Jenn) joins the group. 
  April 2007Alina Vinslava leaves the group and gets a position at Intel (Ph.D. # 31) 
 November 2006Alina Vinslava gets her Ph.D. (Ph.D. #31) 
  Dolos Foguet-Albiol gets her Ph.D. (Ph.D. #30) 
  October 2006Undergraduate student Mathew Daniels joins the group 
  October 2006Theocharis C. Stamatatos joins the group (Post doc #26) 
 September 2006Shreya Mukherjee joins the group 
  Konstantina Pringouri joins the group 
  Jennifer Yacoubian joins the group 
 July 2006Abhudaya Mishra gets his Ph.D. (Ph.D. #29) 
  June 2006Undergraduate student Alexander G. Christou joins the group 
 May 2006Undergraduate student Mathieu Delample joins the group for the summer 
 November 2005Jonathan T Brockman gets his Ph.D. (Ph.D. # 28) 
 October 2005Harris Stamatatos joins the group, coming from the University of Patras, Greece (visiting graduate student) 
  September 2005Arpita Saha joins the group coming from India 
  August 2005Muralee Murugesu and Dr. Philippa King leave the group 
  June 2005High school student Sarah Nam joins the group for the summer 
  May 2005Nicole Chakov gets her Ph.D. (Ph.D. #27) 
  January 2005Antonio Masello joins the group 
  August 2004Christos Lambropoulos joins the group 
  Taketo Taguchi joins the group coming from Japan 
  May 2004Malgorzata Habrych graduates (M.S. #7) 
  Philip Greenfield leaves the group, back to Leicester 
  February 2004Philippa King joins the group (Post doc #25) 
  December 2003Anastasios Tasiopoulos leaves the group for a faculty position in Cyprus 
  E. Carolina Sañudo gets her Ph.D. and goes for a postdoc at the University of Manchester (Ph.D. #26) 
  September 2003Chantelle Gaskin-Gomez leaves the group to take a M.S. in teaching 
August 2003
Rashmi Bagai joins the group coming from India 
  Philip Greenfield joins the group for the year, part of the undegraduate research exchange with the University of Leicester
  Nick Harden leaves the group, back to the UK 
  July 2003The group celebrates the 50th birthday of George Christou with guests from all over the world!!!! 
  March 2003Núria Aliaga leaves us for a postdoc position at the Max Plank Institute (Ph.D. #25) 
  January 2003Mònica Soler gets her Ph.D. and goes for a postdoc to Michigan State University (Ph.D. #24) 
  December 2002Muralee Murugesu joins the group (post doc #24) 
  Cristina Cañada gets her Ph.D. and leaves us to work in the industry in Indy (Ph.D. #23) 
  July 2002Sumit Bhaduri leaves us for a postdoc position at Harvard! (Ph.D. #22) 
  Chantelle Gaskin Gomez joins the group 
  June 2002High school student Bryan joins the group for the summer 
  March 2002Malgorzata Habrych joins group 
  January 2002Sondra Gearner comes to Florida as the group secretary 
  Dolos Foguet joins the group 
  August 2001Nicholas Harden joins group (post doc #23) 
  Tasos Tasiopoulos joins group (post doc #22) 
 Abhudaya Mishra joins group 
 Alina Vinslava joins group 

July 2001

The BIG MOVE!!!!!

  Prof. Christou moves to the University of Florida, in Gainesville and the group (Monica, Nuria, Sumit, Jon, Nicole and Carolina, leaving Cristina in Bloomington) follows 

B.B.M. (Before the big move) and after Norman Dean

  June 2001Marisol Ledezma graduates (M.S. #6) 
  Colette Boskovic leaves group 
  May 2001Ming-Hsi Chiang graduates and leaves group for postdoc at Argonne National Lab (Ph.D. #21) 
  Oct 2000Nicole Chakov joins group 
  Jun 2000Elisa Seddon graduates and leaves for position at Lubrizol (Cleveland) (Ph.D. #20) 
  Dec 99Guillem Aromí graduates, leaves for postdoc in Holland (Ph.D. #19) 
  Oct 99Jonathan Brockman and Christopher Wilhite join group 
  Pau Artús graduates (M.S. #5) 
  Sept 99Marisol Ledezma-Gairaud joins group 
  March 99Euan Brechin leaves group 
  Jan 99Angelica Brown graduates and leaves for position at P&G (Ph.D. #18) 
  Colette Boskovic joins group (Post doc #21) 
  Dec 98Tiffany Albee leaves group 
  June 98E. Carolina Sañudo joins group 
  Prof.Eduardo Libby visits group 
  May 98Craig Grant, Brian Stamper, and Debra Rebec leave group 
  March 98Swapan Chandra leaves for faculty position at University of Burdwan, India 
  Oct 97Debra Rebec joins group 
  Beth Day graduates and leaves group for postdoc at University of the Pacific (Ph.D. #17) 
  Sept 97Euan Brechin joins group (Post doc #20) 
  Aug 97Núria Aliaga, Pau Artús, Sumit Bhaduri, Cristina Cañada, and Mònica Soler join group 
  Laura Stultz leaves group for faculty position at Birmingham Southern College 
  Juan Pablo Claude leaves group for faculty position at University of Alabama at Birmingham 
  June 97Kevin Kolack graduates, leaves for teaching/acting in NYC(Ph. D. #16) 
  Apr 97Swapan Chandra joins group (Post doc #19) 
  Jan 97Tiffany Albee joins group (Undergraduate) 
  Marij van Gorkom joins group (Undergraduate) 
  Hilary Eppley graduates and leaves group for postdoc at IU (Ph. D. #15) 
  Nov 96Vincent Grillo leaves group for MBA in Australia 
  Stephanie Castro graduates and leaves for postdoc at Georgia Tech (Ph. D. #14) 
  Oct 96Murray Davies leaves group 
  Aug 96Brian Stamper joins group (Undergraduate) 
  Milissa Bolcar graduates and leaves for postdoc/teaching position at SUNY Binghamton (Ph. D. #13) 
  Apr 96Dr Craig Grant joins group (Post doc #18) 
  Mar 96Gail Karet leaves for postdoc at Iowa State 
  Dec 95Rachel Squire graduates and leaves for job in New Zealand (M.S.#4) 
  Oct 95Michael Wemple graduates and leaves for postdoc in Germany(Ph. D. #12) 
  Ming-Hsi Chiang joins group 
  Sept 95Shane Phillips leaves group 
  Belen Abela leaves group 
  Prof. D. Ray leaves group 
  Aug 95Xiaoping Tang leaves group 
  July 95Elisa Seddon joins group 
  May 95Sarah Jane Whitten leaves group 
  Apr 95Belen Abela joins group (visiting graduate student) 
  Laura Stultz and Juan Pablo Claude join group ( Post docs #16,#17) 
  Chuck Crawford graduates (Ph.D. #11) 
  Katerina Dimitrou graduates (Ph. D. #10) 
  Prof. D. Ray joins group (visiting faculty) 
  Jan 95Murray Davies joins group (Post doc # 15) 
  Dec 94Malcolm Halcrow leaves (Cambridge) 
  Nov 94Lawrie Gahan leaves 
  Oct 94Angelica Brown and Sarah Jane Whitten join group 
  Sept 94Guillem Aromí and Xiaoping Tang join group 
  July 94Lawrie Gahan joins group (visiting faculty) 
  May 94Sheyi Wang leaves 
  Mar 94Gail Karet joins group (Post doc #14) 

B.B.M. (Before the big move) and during Norman Dean

  Feb 94Norman Dean graduates and leaves (Ph.D. #9) 
  Dec 93Sheyi Wang graduates (Ph. D. #8) 
  Dec 93Rachel Squire joins group 
  Sept 93Vincent Grillo joins group (Post doc #13) 
  Shane Phillips joins group (Post doc #12) 
  Veronique Bulach leaves (U. Strasbourg) 
  Aug 93Joe Rambo leaves (U. Paris, Sud) 
  May 93Joe Rambo graduates (Ph. D. #7) 
  Anu Gunale graduates (MS#3) 
  Feb 93Veronique Bulach joins group (Post doc #11) 
  Jan 93Malcolm Halcrow joins group (Post doc #10) 
  Dec 92Chuck, Beth, Anu, Kevin move into new lab in 64 addition 
  Oct 92Beth Day joins group 
  Sept 92Joan Ribas leaves group 
  Aug 92Shawn Sendlinger leaves (NC Central) 
  Jun 92Joan Ribas joins group (visiting faculty) 
  Apr 92Nadine DeVries leaves (Dupont Central Research) 
  Dec 91Keith York graduates (MS #2) 
  Oct 91Stephanie Castro, Hilary Eppley, Anu Gunale, and Kevin Kolack join group 
  June 91Lies Bouwman leaves (Netherlands) 
  May 91Deanna Coggin leaves 
  Apr 91Allan Blackman leaves (New Zealand) 
  Oct 90Mike Wemple, Chuck Crawford, Milissa Bolcar join group 
  Nadine DeVries joins group (Post Doc #9) 
  Eduardo Libby graduates (Ph. D. #6) 
  Ann Schake graduates (Ph. D. #5) 
  Aug 90Spiros Perlepes leaves 
  Ping Lee leaves 
  Katarina Dimitrou joins group 
  Lies Bouwman joins group (Post Doc #8) 
  Feb 90Shawn Sendlinger joins group (Post doc #7) 
  Dec 89Marion Mino graduates (MS #1) 
  Allan Blackman joins group (Post doc #6) 
  Nov 89Jeff Seela graduates (Ph. D. #4) 
  Oct 89Keith York joins group 
  Sept 89Ping Lee joins group (Post doc #5) 
  Deanna Coggin joins group (Post doc #4–Post Doc #3 Koo Shin came and left so quickly that he didn’t make the master list) 
  Jeff Seela goes to Univ. of Mich 
  Aug 89Spiros Perlepes joins group (visiting faculty) 
  July 89Dwight Heinrich leaves group (Amoco) 
  Apr 89Jason Poulton leaves group 
  Oct 88Marion Mino, Jason Poulton join group 
  Sept 88Move from 6th floor to 2nd floor 
  John Vincent graduates (Ph. D. #3) 
  Aug 88Sheyi Wang joins group 
  Cheryl Christmas goes to UCSD 
  John Vincent goes to Virginia 
  Mar 88Jeff Seela returns 
  Dec 87John Bashkin graduates (Ph. D. #2) 
  Oct 87Joe Rambo, Norman Dean join group 
  Aug 87Joey Money graduates (Ph. D. #1) 

B.B.M. (Before the big move) and before Norman Dean

  Dwight Heinrich (Post Doc #2) 
  Cheryl Christmas (undergrad) 
  Jeff Seela (out of country) 
  Ann Schake 
  Eduardo Libby 
  John Vicent 
  John Bashkin 
  John Nicholson (Post doc #1-was already gone by the time Norm came along) 
  Joey Money