Paphos, Cyprus – May 8-12, 2017

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS                                   

Belen Albela, ENS Lyon, France
*Despoina Andriotou, U of Thessaloniki, Greece
Marius Andruh, U of Bucharest, Romania
Evangelos Bakalbassis, U of Thessaloniki, Greece
Allan Blackman, AUT, New Zealand
Ming-Hsi Chiang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
George Christou, U of Florida, USA
Maria Chrysina, MPI Mulheim, Germany
Serena Corr, Glasgow U, UK

Eddie Cussen, Strathclyde U, UK
Catherine Dendrinou-Samara, U of Thessaloniki, Greece
*Stavros Diamantis, U of Thessaloniki, Greece
Chryssoula Drouza, Cyprus U of Tech, Cyprus
Mohamed Eddaoudi, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Albert Escuer, U of Barcelona, Spain
George Froudakis, U of Crete, Greece
Stefania Grecea, U of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dimitris Gournis, U of Ioannina, Greece
Sandrine Heutz, Imperial College, UK
Stephen Hill, NHMFL, USA
Grigorios Itskos, U of Cyprus, Cyprus
Stefan Jurga, Adam Mickiewicz U, Poland
Michael Karakassides, U of Ioannina, Greece
Chris Kay, University College London, UK
Pantelis Kelires, Cyprus U of Tech, Cyprus
Anastasio Keramidas, U of Cyprus, Cyprus
Hae Jin Kim, KBSI, South Korea
Theodora Kyratsi, U of Cyprus, Cyprus
Christos Lampropoulos, U of North Florida, USA
Theodoros Lazarides, U of Thessaloniki, Greece
Stephen Liddle, U of Manchester, UK
Dominique Luneau, U of Lyon, France
Emmanouil Manos, U of Ioannina, Greece
Mark Meisel, U of Florida, USA
*Kylie Mitchell, U of Florida, USA
*Dimitri Mitcov, U of Copenhagen, Denmark
George Mitrikas, NCSR Demokritos, Greece
Grace Morgan, U College Dublin, Ireland
Dimitrios Pantazis, MPI Mulheim, Germany
Sokrates Pantelides, Vanderbilt U, USA
Giannis Papaefstathiou, U of Athens, Greece
Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou, NUI, Ireland
George Papavassiliou, NCSR Demokritos, Greece
Spyros Perlepes, U of Patras, Greece
Stergios Piligkos, U of Copenhagen, Denmark
Melanie Pilkington, Brock U, Canada
*Anastasia Pournara, U of Ioannina, Greece
Kathryn Preuss, U of Guelph, Canada
Vassilis Psycharis, NCSR Demokritos, Greece
*Sofia Rapti, U of Ioannina, Greece
Tom Rauchfuss, U of Illinois, USA
Jeremy Rawson, U of Windsor, Canada
Ken Sakai, Kyushu U, Japan
Yiannis Sanakis, NCSR Demokritos, Greece
Hannah Shafaat, Ohio State U, USA
Spyros Skourtis, U of Cyprus, Cyprus
Kyriakos Stylianou, EDFL, Switzerland
Daisuke Takahashi, U of Florida, USA
Dan Talham, U Florida, USA
Pantelis Trikalitis, U of Crete, Greece
Jeff Zaleski, Indiana U, USA

*indicates junior speakers


University of Cyprus

University of Cyprus

Cyprus Tourism Organization        LATEST TAXI INFORMATION We have negotiated a deal with a taxi company (Aphrodite taxi, http://www.aphrodite-taxi.com/ ) that will transfer conference participants from the airports. We are currently matching your arrival and departure times so that taxis can be shared between several people. The prices are as follows: Larnaca Airport to HOTEL : Four – seater taxi 110 € Six seater taxi 130 € Ten seater taxi 160 € Twenty seater mini-van 170 € Paphos Airport to HOTEL : Four seater taxi 35 € Six seater taxi 40 € Ten seater taxi 60€ Twenty seater mini-van 80 € For cases where only one conference participant will use the taxi: Larnaca Airport to HOTEL : Four – seater taxi 100 € Paphos Airport to HOTEL : Four seater taxi 30 € Make sure we have your arrival and departure times, if you want us to match you with others. http://www.visitcyprus.com Workshop Program A joint meeting of the popular North America-Greece-CyprusWorkshop on Paramagnetic Materials (NAGC 2017) and the Current Trends in Molecular and Nanoscale Magnetism (CTMNM 2017) Workshop  will be held on May 8-12, 2017, in the city of Paphos on the west coast of the beautiful island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. This joint meeting is designed to allow us all to enjoy a broad program spanning many general areas of magnetism of one form or another.

The NAGC and CTMNM workshops are each held every two years, and have both grown to be extremely popular with a broad range of scientists. This first joint meeting will bring together a wide range of researchers working in diverse fields and applications of molecular and nanoscale magnetism, and who would not normally attend the same meeting. The program will thus span chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and materials science – both experimentalists and theorists, junior and senior – and will encompass any kind of study involving paramagnetic metal ions or magnetic nanoparticles, whether or not the magnetic properties are a main focus of that study. As a result, and for maximum benefit to everyone, it is expected that senior speakers will present talks that have a tutorial component to them – perhaps 20{155f4b8acca879538be9a8bbf21a2c09d5f431bea234a7a43eaba3c685ec2640} or so of the allocated time, with the rest on research results. We are also hoping to have many students and postdocs attend, and will try to ensure that as many as possible are included on the program.     

1) For visa requirements and other information about Cyprus, go to: http://www.visitcyprus.com/index.php/en/ and click on “Practical Info” Cyprus is served by many major airlines, and there are direct flights to the island from many European cities. Normal scheduled flights land at Larnaca International Airport (code LCA), which is in the south-east of the island. There is also an airport at Paphos (PFO) on the west coast and thus convenient for the workshop, served by budget airlines such as EasyJet, Thomson, and RyanAir. These are cheaper than scheduled airlines, but be careful of extra fees, such as airport check-in, checked baggage, overweight baggage, etc.
2) A taxi from Paphos airport to the workshop hotel will cost approximately 30 euros. From Larnaca airport, it will cost ~120 euros, and sharing is advisable. We can help you identify other people landing at the airport at a time near you – let us know if you would like this. We will also look into hiring a small shuttle bus to go from Larnaca Airport to the workshop hotel. More information soon.
3) The north of the island has been under military occupation by Turkey since 1974. The airports in the north of the island should be avoided. Only Turkey recognizes so-called North Cyprus, so you are unlikely to find a flight there unless you are looking at holiday charters. Be aware that entering the south of the island (the Republic of Cyprus) by crossing from the Turkish-occupied north is illegal, and you should thus avoid coming to the island this way.
4) For those of you from North America: there are no direct flights from any North American city to Cyprus. There are, however, direct flights from London, Athens, and many other European cities that can be reached directly from the USA and Canada.
5) The workshop will begin May 8 and you should thus aim to get to the site by May 7, when there will be a welcoming reception in the evening. The workshop will finish at lunchtime on Friday, May 12.
6) The language of Cyprus is Greek. However, Cyprus was a British colony until 1960, and the UK still maintains two bases there. As a result, English is well understood and spoken by almost everyone on the island.
7) The currency is the euro.
8) The electrical plugs are the same as in the UK (not Greece).
9) Cars drive on the left-hand-side of the road.
LOCAL TRAVEL INFORMATION How to get to the Hotel 1)    The cost of a taxi from Larnaca airport to the St George Hotel in Paphos is ~ 120 euros whereas the cost of a taxi from Paphos airport is ~25 Euros. We are trying to complete a deal with a taxi company to have agreed, fixed prices. We should know soon. Based on your arrival times, we will try to match people arriving at similar times at Larnaca airport (and Paphos airport) so you can share the cost of a taxi. If there are several people arriving more or less the same time, we can even look into booking you a mini-bus from Larnaca airport to the hotel. This will be on Sunday May 7th, when most of you are arriving. For this reason, if your registration form was submitted without your flight arrival time and airport, send us these travel details soon by email to Tasos <atasio@ucy.ac.cy> and Eleni <moushi.eleni@ucy.ac.cy>. 2)    For anyone arriving at Larnaca airport that we are unable to match with someone to share a taxi, there are some options to avoid the ~120 euro taxi ride to the hotel. You can travel by shuttle bus either (a) from Larnaca Airport to Paphos Airport (this is a direct trip) or (b) to Paphos city (requiring a change of buses in Limassol). For (a): the Larnaca airport to Paphos airport shuttle costs 15 Euros + a taxi from Paphos airport to the St George hotel of ~25 Euros – total ~40 euros). For (b):  the cost of the bus is 13 Euros and then a taxi from the bus station in Paphos to the hotel ~20 euros). Details can be found at: http://paphosbus.com/paphos-airport-bus/larnaca-airport-shuttle 3)    There is also an option to travel from Larnaca airport to Paphos using a commercial shared-taxi service. The cost is ~25 Euros http://www.travelexpress.com.cy/Portals/0/Pricelist.pdf?ver=2016-05-30-120416-010 The taxi services run 7 am – 4pm (weekdays) and 7 am – 2 pm (weekends). Ask the driver to drop you at St George hotel – if he can’t ask him to drop you at a nearby taxi stand and get a taxi to the hotel (a few euros). See http://www.travelexpress.com.cy/en-us/Fares Note that if you choose this way to get to the hotel, you should book it at least 3 days before the trip date. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION Each speaker must submit an abstract. Use the template available here. The deadline for submission is March 31. Send the completed abstract to moushi.eleni@ucy.ac.cy with Cc: to atasio@ucy.ac.cy and christou@chem.ufl.edu